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Why to track keyword rankings and why you need a rank tracker

If you're doing online businesses and markets, you will need many visitors. They basically come to your site from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex, when they search some interested keywords and click your site's links, in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It's important to know your site's rank in search engines all the time, if you don't, you're flying blind. Rank trackers can help to track your keyword positions.

But you won't want to do the keyword rank tracking job manually, especially if you have to track thousands of keywords, that's just impossible to be done.

You will also need a rank tracker or some software or service like that if you need to track your rank from different locations, devices and so on. You can't fly all over the world just to get ranking results, that'll be impractical.

SEO rank tracker will do the job

With the help of a ranking tracker, this will be a much easier job. The tracker software or platform will automatically track your keywords rankings in different search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc.), locations (different countries, states, and cities) and devices (desktop or mobile). There're many other useful options to customize your job, you can set to track daily or every 2 or 3 days, or weekly. Also you can get scheduled SEO reporting to your email, in html or pdf format at your choice.

Some software or services company provide even more essential functions. For example, you can get rank change alert once keywords' ranking movement exceed your limitation. Some can help you analyze your competitors and keep an eye on their rankings. Some allow you login and manage your projects from multiple accounts, or schedule reporting to different emails, with your own company's logo and name, this is mostly called White-label, it is especially useful for SEO agencies.

Top SEO rank tracking services

Here are some of the best and recommended keyword rank tracking services and applications for online marketers.


Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an online serp tracker, it is trusted by SEOs and website owners. They provide daily updates and you can update on demand too. Since it's web-based, you can get your rankings at any computers. Pro Rank Tracker comes in different languages, they support English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. It's easy to use if English is not your first language.

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SerpBook has 5 years experience in rank tracking, you can track from all Google search engines and any locations defined with precise zip code. You can share your seo reporting through a public key. This is quite useful if you need to share reports with your customers. You can choose to export manually or schedule reports exporting. With powerful functions the UI is simple and effective to use. SerpBook comes with API you can customize your project with it.

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Rank Trackr

Rank Trackr

RankTrackr is a tool for web professionals and agencies, with RankTrackr you can view your seo projects quickly and easily. They provide you local tracking by city zip, city name or country name. You can get search volume and CPC data for your Adwords suggestion. PDF or CSV reports is ready for you. They have the historical overview function, enables you to study your keyword ranking in a historical graph. You can spy on your competitors to check how they rank. The functions are highly customized.

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Rank Watch

RankWatch, Inc.

RankWatch is a cloud based platform for website owners and seo agencies. RankWatch currently has over 29,000 users and the number is keeping growing. Besides the must-have functions for a rank tracker, it comes with 100% white label solution. You can start tracking and reporting campaign for your clients. Their reporting is fully customizable, you can get report in PDF, CSV or Excel format. You can keep an eye on competitors no matter they're organic or paid competitors. You can get keyword suggestions for long tail keywords or similar keywords, and boost your traffic.

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SEO PowerSuite consists of several SEO software, Rank Tracker is one of them. Rank Tracker can get accurate ranking data for you, it can show you if your site moves up or down in search results, and build clear graphs to show your site's progress over time. It can track Google, Yahoo, Bing, in total 327 search engines. It can analyze 10 competitor websites. It can also track images, videos and news results and geo-specific ranking.

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SEO Rank Tracker Buyer Guide

When looking for a rank tracker, choose from the following aspects.

Ranking Accuracy

If the tracker can't provide accurate results, do not choose it. You can test for some keywords for it's accuracy, to see if it shows the same result as you check them manually.

Search Engines Number Supported

If you want to track all ranking results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, you should choose one that supports them all. Not all trackers support all the SEs.

Mobile Rank Tracker

Mobile ranking is more and more important to your website's overall rank. The traffic from mobile devices is more than that from desktop devices. Google suggests you consider "mobile first" when launching a new website. Therefore tracking mobile rank is more essential than you think. Not all rank trackers can track mobile results. Review carefully before signing up.

Location Based Tracking

Local SEO is necessary if you're doing a local business, you will need to keep extra attention to local results. Some trackers provide powerful location based tracking functions. You may prefer them for your tracking.

Competitor Analysis

This is a quite essential function. In each keyword you want to rank, there're several competitors. If you can analyze your competitors, you will rank higher more easily.

White Label

If you're an SEO agency or you're doing SEO for your clients, the white label function is extremely necessary, you can send SEO reports to your clients on behalf of your own company name, with your company's logo in reports. Choose trackers that support white label if you need.