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What are "Automated Reports"?

Automated Reports are ranking reports sent to emails you provide, on your prefered frequency (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly). You can send such reports to yourself or your clients. Receivers don't need to have CheckSERP accounts.

Can I send the same report to more than one email?

Yes, you can send one report to at the most 5 emails.

Can I send reports from my own email address?

Yes, for plans with White Label feature, you can send automated reports from your customized email address.

Please read How to send automated reports from my own email address? for more instructions.

How can I test the automated report email?

You can create a test automated report by filling in the Send To field with your own email. Then at the Automated Reports list page, click Send Now button. This will instantly send report without delay.

The send now feature is restricted to 1 time every 10 minutes.


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