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Add tracking term to project

After a project is created, you can add tracking term to the project.

At the project page, click + Link or Keyword button, the Add Link / Keyword wizard will show up. Follow the instructions to add tracking term to project.

What is "Exact match"?

When adding tracking term, you can set if the tracking is Exact match.

For example, if you add http://www.example.com/ to tracking:

  • Exact match is set to yes: only exactly http://www.example.com/ will match your tracking
  • Exact match is set to no: all URLs with domain example.com and www.example.com will match your tracking

What search engines are supported?

We support tracking keywords positions in Google, Google Mobile, Google Map Pack, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex from over 200 countries/regions in the world.

Can I customize my tracking position and/or language?

For trackings on Google search engine, you can customize your tracking location and/or language. At the Add Link / Keyword dialog, search and choose your customized location and/or language. You can choose from over 44,700 cities and 30 languages from all over the world.

I've just added new tracking terms, how soon can I see ranking results?

Once you add new tracking terms, the SERP checking job will be queued. Depending on the queue length, the ranking results will be updated in 10 minutes or less. Once updated, you will see the fresh ranking results.

How offen are tracking terms updated?

The tracking terms rankings are updated once everyday.

How can I request a manual update?

Besides the daily automated ranking updates, you can request manual update too. At the project page, check the tracking terms you wish to update, then click the Update button beneath the tracking terms. The update job will be queued and tracking term will be updated soon.

How can I delete tracking terms?

At the project page, check the tracking terms you wish to delete, then click the Delete button beneath the tracking terms, confirm the Delete Trackings dialog, the tracking terms will be deleted.

The selected tracking terms will be permanently deleted, this action is final and cannot be recovered.

What is "URL View" and what is "Keyword View"?

At the project page, you can choose from the URL View and Keyword View. in URL View, your tracking terms will be grouped by tracked URLs. In Keyword View, your tracking terms will be grouped by tracked keywords.

By default, the tracking terms will be showing in URL View. You can modify this by visiting your Settings Page, and change the Project View setting.


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