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What are sub accounts?

As an account owner, you can create multiple sub accounts, freely assign them projects and specific permissions such as create projects, delete projects and resource limits. Sub accounts then can login from your white label dashboard and view/manage projects, trackings.

How can my sub accounts login from my own domain?

To let your sub accounts login from your own domain, you need to set Custom domain at White Label page. Once Custom domain set, there will be notice showing: Your sub accounts login URL: http://xxx.

What resources are available to sub accounts?

As a sub account, if permission assigned, the user will be able to access Projects (only projects assigned to the user by you), Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research features.

Will terms added by sub account consume my terms credits?

Yes, all sub accounts under your account will share the same term credits. If you don't want sub accounts to have the permission to add tracking terms, you can add tracking terms yourself, create sub accounts with no such permission and then assign projects to them.

What will happen when a sub account deletes a project?

If a sub account has delete projects permission, he can delete projects assigned to him. This is soft delete, when a sub account deletes a project, only the assignment of project to that user is removed, the project and related automated reports, shared reports will not be removed. Only you can actually delete a project.

What will happen when a sub account deletes a tracking term?

If a sub account has delete trackings permission, he can delete tracking terms from projects assigned to him. This is hard delete, tracking terms will be actually deleted.


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