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What can I benefit from the white label feature?

With the white label feature enabled, you will be able to re-brand your automated reports, shared reports, using your own brand name, company logo, and website domain. It shows to your customers and sub accounts your own company's brand.

  • Automated reports sent to your clients will have your company's name
  • Automated reports will be sent from your own email address, like [email protected]
  • Shared reports can be viewed from your own domain, like reports.mycompany.com
  • Sub accounts can login and use the dashboard from your own domain, like app.company.com
  • Sub accounts will see your brand when using the dashboard

How to set white label settings?

Click Settings > White Label menu from the left sidebar. Then, fill in your company name you want to display to your users, fill in your own domain and upload your company logo. At last, click Save Changes button.

Custom domain setting up guide

Custom domain setting up should be done at your domain or hosting provider. The steps include: locate your domain DNS settings, and create a CNAME DNS record for your domain (such as app.yourdomain.com, reports.yourdomain.com), and target to checkserp.com.

It may take up to 24 hrs for the CNAME DNS record setting to take effect.

You can read Create a CNAME record for my custom domain guide from Google for more details, or contact us for help.

How to send automated reports from my own email address?

Automated reports can be sent from your own email address, if you provide your email SMTP settings.

At the Customize Email page, fill in your email SMTP settings, and click Save Changes button. Before saving your settings, you can click the Test SMTP settings button, this will send a test mail to you, using the currently filled in settings, to check if it's correct.

Take Gmail for example, the SMTP settings will be:

  1. Host (SMTP Server): smtp.gmail.com
  2. Port: 465
  3. Encryption: SSL
  4. Email address: <your gmail address>
  5. Password: <your gmail password>
  6. Display name: <your display name>

You can read Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients guide from Google for more details.

I've provided the SMTP settings, will reports be sent from my email address now?

One more step is required, after you fill in the SMTP settings, you need to edit your existing Automated Reports, at the Sender Email option, select your own email account and save reports. After this your automated reports will be sent from your own email address.

It's suggested to fill in SMTP settings first and then schedule automated reports.


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