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What are "Shared Reports"?

Shared Reports are ranking reports you create and share with your clients or colleagues via URL. You could also set an Expiration Date of the report.

How can I view the report myself?

After creating the shared report, at the Shared Reports list page, simply click the View Link URL, you will be redirected to the shared report page.

How to show customized company name and logo to my clients, how to view report from customized domain?

For all plans with White Label feature, you can customize to show your branded company name and logo to your clients.

Once you've finished the White Label settings, all Shared Reports will show your own company name and logo. You can find the View Link with customized domain at Shared Reports list page too.

Can I create shared reports with password protection?

Yes, when creating a shared report, at the Password section, provide your password. Then viewer of the report will be required to provide the correct password.

How can I remove the password of a shared report?

Edit your shared report, leave blank at the Password section, and save your report. Now password is not required to view the report.

Where can I find the shared report view link?

After creating your shared reports, at the Shared Reports list page, you will find each row of the reports with a View Link field.

How can I update the report view link?

Edit your shared report, check the New View Link switch, and save your report. A new View Link will be generated for your shared report.


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