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What are CheckSERP subscription plans?

We have 4 plans available: Business, Pro, Plus and Basic, each with 3 billing cycles to choose from: Monthly, Semi-annually and Annually.

Each plan has different number of resources for different users or companies. Please check our Subscription Plans for more information.

What are "Terms" in subscription plans?

Each subscription plan comes with different number of monthly Terms limit. Terms are the total credits available to track keyword rankings. Each keyword on a single search engine, device, language and geolocation counts as one credit.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan at anytime. Prorated credits for any unused time remaining in your current plan will be applied to your new plan.

Click this link to visit our subscription page, choose the plan you're going to upgrade to, then follow the instructions to upgrade your account.

Can I downgrade my subscription plan?

Yes, if you think you don't need more resources, you can downgrade your subscription.

Click this link to visit our subscription plans, choose the plan you're going to downgrade to, then follow the instructions to downgrade your account.

For downgrades no refunds are available for remaining unused time in the current plan. We recommend waiting until the end of the subscription before downgrading.

What if I were to upgrade from Monthly plan to Yearly plan?

Because of different billing methods, cross billing cycle upgrade is not supported. For example, upgrade from a Monthly plan to a Yearly plan is not applicable.

If you were to do this, simply subscribe to the new plan. Contact us and we'll cancel your previous subscription and refund the prorated previous subscription fee.

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. Visit your subscription page, then click Cancel button.

We don't however, provide refunds for account cancellation. Your account will be valid till the end of your subscription you're paid for and will be automatically cancelled when it ends.

How long will my data be stored if my subscription / trial expires?

When your subscription / trial expires or cancelled, we will keep your account data for 30 days in our system.

After that time, if you account is still not renewed, your data will be automatically removed from our servers.

If you wish to keep your data for a longer time after your subscription / trial expires, please contact us.

Can I change my subscription payment method?

Yes, to change your payment method, visit your subscription page, then click Change Payment Method button and follow the instructions.

I need more keywords/reports/sub accounts, do you have plan with more resources?

Yes, if the plans we're currently offering can't meet your needs, please contact us and we will make a customized plan for you.


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